There’s No Party Without Arty


Royale opened their doors Friday December 18th to Russian DJ/Producer Arty and it was the biggest SOFA KING party of the month! Arty has been making everyone dance since 2009! He has worked alongside artists such as Armin Van Buuren, Mat Zo, Paul Vandyke and Above and Beyond. The 26 year old kicked off the night with electric beats and lots of CO2 blasters! As I danced the night away with friends and strangers, I couldn’t help but notice everyone was having the best time! Arty’s energy was infectious and everyone was soaking it up!

Dancing with everyone and talking to tons of people all night, I got to wondering how everyone else was feeling. My friend and Squadless partner in crime Meghan couldn’t stop dancing and shuffled all over the dance floor. A new friend Nick, said “I can’t stop dancing, his beats just have a flow”. Off to the side, I met a girl named Jenny, she told me “Arty gives me the feels” then danced away, drink in hand. It seemed to be that everyone couldn’t get enough of the arty-party vibe!

Keep the beats up high and the bass down low! We couldn’t get enough of Arty! When he returns to Boston in 2016, I recommend joining the party!

You can follow Arty on Social Media outlets:
Arty on Instagram
Arty’s Website

.Lee-Anna Winhoffer.