Jonny Dougs

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Jonathan Douglas Prentice a.k.a. JD a.k.a. Jon Douglas a.k.a. DJ Jonny Dougs has been surrounded by music his entire life. Growing up in Chelmsford Ma, his parents always used to have music playing in the house, from his mom dancing around to Prince, to his playing the air guitar to Led Zeppelin. College was when JD got into DJ’ing; friends constantly asking for him to bring his Ipod to the locker room, or to parties, or on road trips led to people constantly asking “you should try DJ’ing,” so he bought a midi controller to start doing parties.
It took no time at all for him to realize this isn’t something that doesn’t have to be just a hobby, but a career in which he would never have to feel like he was at “work” again. Music is an obsessive passion of JD’s, always looking for the next best song, or the newest sound, and he dove head first into DJ’ing and never looked back.
Always striving to go bigger and louder, JD brings his passion to every set or performance he is a part of. He strives to find the perfect harmony of his own sound while giving the people what they want. Bringing his passion for music is something that can easily be seen from he is trying to release the absurd amount of energy he has within, into the crowd.

“Music is a passion of mine, and having more energy then the average person, I try and give that energy & passion back to as many people as humanly possible.”