Electric: Cedric Gervais


Grammy award winner Cedric Gervais, a 34 year old native of France, made Boston electric when he opened the show with his remix of the popular Lana Del Ray song “Summertime Sadness”.
His goal? take the crowd on an adventure with his mixes and mashes! Success rate? 100%! Cedric mixed between heavy and light to upbeats and downbeats. I personally think one of his best qualities is reading the crowd. He knows exactly how to keep you on your toes, not one moment of calm… my body was literally buzzing all night from his intense energy!

Check out the video: Cedric Gervais Boston 1/29/16

My favorite part? This 90s dance party Remix!

Lets the fact that he came out after his set to greet some fans that waited for the opportunity! Cedric back in Boston? Lets hope sooner than later!