Prince Fox Owned Sofa King Friday!

Long work week so of course my friends and I headed to Royale for Sofa King Friday! This Friday Prince Fox was headlining the night. For those of you aren’t up to date on Prince Fox, he’s been pretty active in the EDM scene. However, before that he was into playing Guitar it wasn’t until EDC that he started producing EDM. He got into the EDM game by remixing artists like 3LAU and Cazzette. To read more about his bio check this link out!

So anyway eventually I got to Royale. The line was moving along pretty fast. I really like how the bouncers at the door are quick and keep things moving along. Once we got inside Jess Jess was playing. If you’re not familiar with him, definitely worth checking out.

Prince Fox came to the main stage. It was really exciting because I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never seen him live or heard any of his sets. He owned the stage, he played a lot of different songs and plenty of great remixes. I liked how he remixed them enough to make them clubby, but also left enough room so the crowd could sing along. This time instead of writing to describe my experience I attached some videos below. Sorry it’s so short, the HD quality made the file really large.

— Nevin Spearman