One Night With Paris Blohm


It has been nearly a week since Boston took part in the Valentine’s Day Celebration with Paris Blohm, and while my posts tend to be promptly executed when doing a review of a show, I am still in awe at the madness in which took place at Royale Boston Nightclub on Valentine’s Day.

Coming off his most recent collaboration with the duo Tritonal “Colors” Paris has embarked on his first National headlining tour “The Colors Tour” debuting his live performance at some of the largest cities in the country.

Paris Blohm is arguably one of the biggest rising stars in the industry, having his last release “Colors” rise up the Beatport Charts to the number one position on the main chart along with the Progressive chart for nearly two weeks, Paris has proved he can hang with the big guys. He is most known for his melodic, yet high-energy sound that cultivates your emotions and brings you on an adventurous journey that leaves you in awe with his productions.

Let’s break things down. For those who are unaware of what to expect from Paris, the lineup incorporated nothing short of heavy bass hitting electro that overtly aggressive fans dream of. The moment this young talent took control of the decks, the Boston crowd went bonkers.
Being that it was the first headlining tour Blohm has done, you would think one would be exhausted this far in the schedule but it was quite the opposite. Paris had the crowd’s full attention throughout the 2-hour debut dropping bomb after bomb, feeding exactly what the hungry electro fans of Boston demanded.

Most notably, many people as myself, had their cell phones out attempting to look up the title and ID of the tracks Paris was playing. Unfortunately there was no listing of many of the tracks that were played; as this may confuse some, I was overwhelmingly happy at how Paris had put together his set. Throughout the night, he tapped into his personal arsenal of unreleased edits, bootlegs and original tracks that kept the energy flowing. Keeping the originality and anonymity of these songs left many attendees curious for what would come next.


Considering the mid twenty year olds rise to fame over the past year has been sudden, some critics would assume it would go straight to the producer’s head-as seen in many others of his generation that have endured what Blohm has. Nonetheless it was quite the opposite. The second Paris touched the decks the constant connection with his fans was clear. It was so apparent you could feel the synergy between the two parties. It is safe to say, Paris is just a mid 20-Year old who likes making music and using it as a way to tell his story.


You can stay connected with Paris by following him on Twitter and his official Sound Cloud page.

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February 2014
Post by: Andrew