Pop Punk Warped Tour to EDM at Royale

Cash Cash has been around for as long as I can remember. Though they’ve changed their sound over the course of time, there’s something comforting about knowing I was a huge fan of them back in their scene, pop-punk days to current times. In some ways, it kind of feels like I grew with them over this last decade as my music taste expanded. As an avid fan, it’s also pretty awesome to see one of your favorite artists grow musically as they’ve entered a new realm of music. It definitely sheds light on how transformative the music industry is. Following them from their Warped Tour shows to Vegas to venues at nightclubs, I couldn’t miss out on the chance of seeing them at Royale. Not surprising, they were an absolute blast. They never disappoint, EVER. They played a mix of their top hits like “Take me Home” to some songs like “Broken Drum” from “Blood, Sweat, & 3 Years.” The crowd went crazy, singing and screaming lyrics to proclaiming their love for Cash Cash. While I’m not too sure if the audience almost reached capacity, it definitely felt like it. I was hip-to-hip, shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone around me. At some points, I even felt like it was impossible to move as much as an inch. Cash Cash, I hope you make your way back to Boston soon. You are sincerely missed.