Review : After Six Years, I Finally Get to See Kaskade


Kaskade, the first thing that pops into my head when I think of him is “Angel On My Shoulder,” that was the song about six years ago that led me to become a fan. The lyrics and the beat of the song struck a nerve and became a song I would never forget. Growing up in a small town outside of Raleigh, I never got to see him live. To be honest I knew Kaskade before I even knew that EDM was a thing. He was my gateway into a genre that now I am pretty obsessed with, but anyway you came hear to read about Kaskade not my EDM coming of age story.

Kaskade’s Automatic Tour took a stop in Boston at Royale Nightclub. My friend and I arrived at about 10:40 and got in line, and it was a line. This night was probably the most crowded I have seen the club on a non Sofa King Friday. Everyone in line was super pumped to see Kaskade. There were a few girls who had posters and so on. I usually hate waiting in line but the vibes were really good and everyone seemed really excited.

Once we arrived inside we got to see the opener CID who was really good. He played a mix of house, dance, and future house that was pretty on point. My friend and I made our way to the center of the floor because we knew Kaskade was about to come. Before we knew it the lights went off and everyone started screaming. Kaskade took the stage. He started with some of his newer songs from his recent album Automatic.  Everyone was dancing and enjoying the set. Just like all nights at Royale the light show and sound was on point and all I did was dance and dance. Towards the middle he played some of his older works so I sang along and danced enjoying the night and feeling a sense of nostalgia.

What surprised me the most was when his set incorporated future house. I myself have never seen Kaskade live or heard a set where he did that, but it was amazing.  Kaskade masters the old and new within his set and that is what sets him apart from much of the competition. Lastly, towards the end of the night he played “Angel On My Shoulder,” and it was really good he added a touch of future house on it and I was blown away. After that to avoid the coat check my friend and I left a little early. In my last remarks all I can say is “WOW!” Wednesday night will be a night that I’ll never forget.

For more information on Kaskade check out his site here. For more information on what’s happening in EDM in Boston be sure to follow Boston Edm on Twitter at @BostonEDMevents.

-Nevin Spearman