Slander Returns

Last Friday, Slander took the stage at Royale and as always, their performance is nothing short of expectations. While I am personally not a fan of heavy bass, Slander somehow always knows the right tracks and beats to make the crowd scream and go insane.If there is a single word that can describe Slander best, it’d be relentless. They’re cross-genre music is, no question, but a big game-changer to the EDM realm. Every beat and every track they lay out, whether it’s their own music or a remix of a classic only intensifies the audience bringing their energy to life. Slander is undoubtedly relentless and vicious with their tracks, so it’s no surprise when everyone is riled up leaving the venue packed wall to wall. With the perfect combination of straight bangers and a touch of feels, their music always exceeds beyond anything I can imagine. Hailing from Southern California, they’ve come a long way from home seeing them across the country in Boston throwing it down. The duo prides themselves on their “trap heaven,” and they definitely did not disappoint.