The Night When G Jones Came to Town

Everyone at Royale drank the cool aid and started getting weird, or at least that’s how it felt. Eprom and G Jones threw down a classic hard style set with a clear cult following. If you were like me and were new to these guys, I was pleasantly surprised to find out G Jones is basically part Bassnectar’s squad. With millions of streams, and a wonky stage presence, I could see why so many were in rhythm that night.  Seemed almost like a typical festival night, with many walks of life and a designated corner for flowing.

The music was very wonky as well with everyone head banging and just dancing freely. The sets were great, with a great mix of visuals and lights thrown in. G Jones style was fiery and would get the crowd involved by jumping around and going hard to every bass drop. His eye-ball backdrop was very illuminating and unique which, no pun intended, caught my eye right away.  Eprom was no joke either, his music as best as I can describe was like melting while listening. The dubstep and grimey bunch put on a show which left you in a puddle of exhaustion and bliss when leaving.

Still reminiscing about this night a week later…can’t wait to be back for another show!