Its 100 percent safe to say that Yellow Claw are the true kings of SoFaKing Fridays!  Snowstorm the day of their show, they still made in it and annihilated everything!  I didn’t know anything about Yellow Claw when I  decided to attend the show… my research? Spotify.  Just wanted to try and get familiar with them and their music…. I was blown away.  Both openers were awesome as well.  the first opener was dropping all old school songs and I was loving every minute of it.

The 2nd duo, rocking bucket hats, had my friend and I dancing like crazy.  But the whole vibe changed when Yellow Claw took the Stage… the lights when down, and the crowd went crazy.  Front and center about 5 people back is where my friend and I ended up.  The show was amazing, their energy was intense and everyone knew every word.  My hands were up in the air the entire time.  half way through their set, i was so hot, we headed upstairs to chill in the balcony… what a view to see!  I have never seen Royale so packed.  I still don’t think I have fully recovered from the awesomeness of that show!  These videos below will give you a taste of the energy and intense crowd….

Yellow Claw

Packed house at @royaleboston for @yellowclaw ! Epic showcase!

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When Yellow Claw comes back to Boston, Grab your tickets early because missing this show next time will be a HUGE mistake for you…. I can Promise you.